Derek Evan’s Studio exhibition opening

The Hereford Archive and Records Centre (HARC) is a perfect setting for a selection of Derek Evan’s vast archive. Over a hundred people crowded in on Friday February 12th to celebrate the opening of this exhibition.

It was a fine crowd of people with representatives from across the city, county and beyond.

Hereford Football Club were there in strength, the great Colin Addison among them, and superfan of 50 years standing, Patricia Morrow. Derek was a passionate football fan, who was also often down at the touchline waiting for ‘the’ shot. He was there for some of the team’s seminal moments and some were on display.

Keith James, Derek’s former business partner and friend remarked: ‘Derek would have been touched to see Colin here. They were the greatest of friends.’

Photos of the hop picking and Fownhope’s Heart of Oak parades prompted wall-to-wall reminiscing, with some of the figures captured by Derek’s keen eye, recognised and even named.

Derek certainly had an eye for a story, none less so than some of his Mayfair pictures. He must have been rubbing his hands with glee when he saw the rather serious looking lady, dressed in black, sitting in front of the sign advertising ‘naked ladies’. It drew some smiles and laughs.

But most touching of all at this opening of Derek’s work was the gathering of the county’s photographic and news gathering greats all in one room.

Keith gave a wonderful talk about Derek’s work, work done in the pre-digital era. Around the room one could see these old ‘togs’ and ‘hacks’ nodding their heads in recognition.


Left to right. Richard Prime (Hereford Times), Andy Compton (ex Hereford Journal), Ray Lloyd (ex Hereford Times), Derek Foster, Eric Beard, Colin Osbourne (ex Hereford Journal), David Griffiths, Graham Wilson, Laurence Squire, Graham Essenhigh (Bubble Productions) Keith James.

Among them was Graham Wilson, son of pioneer aerial photographer, Donovan Wilson, Hereford Times stalwart, Richard Prime, Derek’s last apprentice, Graham Essenhigh, John Bulmer, an early protege of Derek’s, fresh off the plane from an exhibition of his work in Berlin, Laurence Squires was jetting off to Mongolia to do some work for the Qatari Royal Family, Andy Compton, late of the Hereford Journal. There are more of course, but all knew Derek, and all carry on their trade and craft in the most difficult of times. We salute them!