Stories of hop picking handed down the generations

The hop tales keep pouring in. Is there no end to these vivid and evocative stories. I hope not. Annual trips to the hop fields were a rites of passage for many, with the stories being handed down from one generation to the next.
And it’s important they are. As one commentator has said, hops were vital to the Herefordshire economy, bringing a buoyancy to the city and wider county.
One of our readers from the Facebook group, Romany Heritage, described it as thus:
“Those that I know, including my late wife, used to treat it as their annual holiday. It was a time when families used to meet up.
“The missions used to arrange baptisms and certainly in some parts, during September, these baptisms are to be found in the parish registers of known hopping parishes.
“It was also a time when young people would meet and eventually start their lives together, many of these relationships were cousins, there would be much consuming of beer and dancing after the days work was done.
“Many of the extended families would only see each other at hop picking time and it was a time for people to catch up on all the new additions and events that had taken place since the previous year.”
Keep the stories rolling in, we love them.