Grand Premiere Screening of School Films at the Hereford Odeon: Ten local schools packed out Screen 4 to screen their films on Monday July 10th. Using the Derek Evans archive as their inspiration they created a variety of entertaining films about their local heritage. The children presented each film and the event was rounded off with an awards ceremony. Watch the trailer. Watch the films below:

Watch the film of the premiere. 

Check out the photographs of the event Odeon screening photographs! All films available here.

Introduction: This website contains an ever-expanding collection of educational resources which will enable your students to create film and photographic projects which explore Herefordshire’s heritage from the 1950-1980s.

School’s Brief: Taking a single photo or series of photos from the Derek Evans archive as inspiration, your film will explore your local heritage and wider historical matters. Make a documentary; speak to local people about their own memories; create a news report, green-screen yourself back in time or into the photographs themselves!

As well as the usual screening at the Odeon and our own version of the Oscars, some of these films will also tour the county as part of the larger project!

Context: These resources are based by the work of the photographer Derek Evans who was working in Herefordshire from the 1950s until the early twenty-first century. His Hereford-based studio produced photographs and films for local, national and international audiences, and his extensive photographic archive of 200,000 negatives and 700 prints gives a unique insight into Herefordshire life in the 20th Century.

Catcher Media have access to this archive and as part of the overall project are helping to get the work digitised and available to the public for the first time ever. In addition, the archive will form the basis of a series of film-making and photographic projects in 2017-2019 with a strong focus on local heritage and oral history from the 1950-1980s.

Subject areas:

May Fair
Hereford Football Club
Rural traditions, fetes and fairs e.g. Fownhope Heart of Oak walk
Derek Evans’ studio: Photography now and then
The changing landscape of the towns and the country

NB: Each film needs to directly link to a specific Derek Evans photograph or series of photographs.


All the links below are for review purposes – download resources from the project OneDrive account. The address is and you have the password.

Video Interviews: This website has a series of interviews which your students can watch for research or download to use in their own film projects. Each photograph is a link to a video. Click here for a collection of longer interviews.
Photo Gallery: We have a series of photographs to use as your starting point. Please email Julia or Rick with a list of the images you would like for your video and we’ll supply hi-res copies.
Video Clips: As the project progresses there will be more video clips (both modern day and archive) which relate to the above subjects.

Project Pointers: Download the following PDFs

(1) Project Pointers providing ideas and helpful links to other school videos and information about copyright-free music. 

(2) A taste of the Derek Evans archive and the stories it holds

(3) Catcher Media Pack for iPad (including tips on composition/interview technique).

(4) Oral History guide to interviewing

(5) iPad Apps for Film-making

(6) Teachers checklist to ensure the film can be shown across the county

Logos: The Acknowledgement logos sheet.pdf contains the project funders logos which need to be added to the end of your film. Please also include Acknowledgement text where possible. Also available as a jpeg version

Interview release form please ensure that anyone who you ask to participate in your film from outside the school fills out this form to consent to their contribution being used.

Heritage Films: Examples of oral history and heritage films produced by Catcher Media.

Chewing the Cud: Memories from Hereford’s Old Livestock Market.

The Close in Living Memory: Oral Histories of the Cathedral Close

Rediscover: Young People Uncover the Heritage of Bloxwich

Herefordshire History  Herefordshire Library’s fantastic website packed with archive images, newspapers and other resources illustrating the history of Herefordshire. You can use these images for your video as well.

MACE Archive films  A fantastic resource will lots of archive films relating to Herefordshire life. MACE have kindly agreed that we can use some of their films for this project. Contact them here.

Photographic exhibitions: As the project progresses, the screenings will contain a pop-up exhibition. Your school could contribute to this or have images in the online gallery.

Visit the Archive: Interested schools can visit the Herefordshire Archive and Records Centre (HARC) in Rotherwas and see negatives, glass negatives, prints and log books from the Derek Evans archive. Please contact Mark Sanderson or Julia Goldsmith or Rhys Griffiths (at HARC).

Links to the National Curriculum: The KS1 and 2 History curriculum makes numerous references to local history. It also refers to the process of historical enquiry and historical sources. The Derek Evans archive will provide plenty of scope for those. Links to the English, Computing and Art programmes of study can also be made.

Learning pack: This physical pack will include old cameras, strips of film, a pinhole camera and old-fashioned lenses with instruction booklets to encourage the children to think about levels of skill that it took to take analogue photographs, and changes in technology since the 1950s (from the ‘manual Rolliflex to the selfie’).

Competition: Take part in our version of the Oscars. There will be prizes for best film, best editing, best VFX, best sound, best animation and much more!

Screenings: Alongside the Odeon screening, there will be a chance for schools to screen their work around the county with Catcher’s own heritage films. Schools will be invited to send representatives to speak at lively Q&A sessions.